About The Event



♦ Scientific Conference or Scientific Conference which includes the presentations of working papers
♦ Forums to be held simultaneously to produce a Conference Resolution
♦ Official Conference Luncheon of the congress and Officiation of Conference by YAB Prime
Minister of Malaysia
♦ Exhibit kiosks for Stake holders, private companies, statutory bodies, educational
institutions, strategic partners and others


♦ To discuss the development of “Khayr Ummah” in realizing the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) from religious aspects.
♦ To provides a meeting platform and to introductions between fellow Islamic missionaries in the Southeast Asia region to establish close and beneficial relationships over the long term.
♦ To foster the spirit of cooperation and solidarity between organizations and individuals of Dua’at in Southeast Asia region in terms of scholarship, education, socio-economic, peace and welfare.
♦ Promote the exchange of ideas and experiences of fellow organizations and individual regional Dua’at in the areas of education, economics, and social of regional Muslims.
♦ Nurturing a culture of mutual help helps in goodness and piety by realizing the Islamic teachings that are fused to meet current challenges.
♦ Explore the opportunities of cooperation and unity among organizations and individuals Dua’at in various areas that are important to Muslim Southeast Asian regional specialists and throughout the world in general.
♦ Produce a new generation of visionary missionaries by maintaining the principle of “wasatiyyah” (simplicity) to ensure that ASEAN countries remain peaceful and harmonious towards the construction of “Khaira Ummah” holistically.